Ultimate guide to Planning a Princess Themed Birthday Party

Choose Her favorite Princess 

Sometimes it is obvious which princess your daughter wants at her party. Sometimes it is not. Either way, picking the right princess is essential to ensure your daughter has the perfect birthday. If you aren’t 100% sure which princess you want to invite, here are a few hints.  

  • Ask and ask again. As stated, before your daughter’s answer may change or might not be clear, but if you ask several times in different ways over a few days you will be able to determine with certainty the princess is their favorite. 
  • Pay attention. Do they dress up or play as a particular princess? Are they always asking to watch the same princess movie? Your daughter has likely told you in a hundred little ways which princess they want for their party.  
  • Test the Waters. Before finalizing your chosen princess, ask if she would like to invite your chosen princess. Her reaction should tell you instantly if you made the right choice.  
  • Check Availability– Before you book be sure you check our Princesses’ Availability to make sure they can make the date you are planning. 

Have a Magical Playlist

In all of our princess party packages we have included a singing game where our princess will sing for or with your daughter and her friends. The magic of the music can continue with our recommended princess party setlist.

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Have a budget. Save money 

Cost is often a deciding factor when it comes to planning a princess party. But with Princess Parties by Natalie, you can enjoy a fairy-tale celebration without breaking the bank. Our affordable payment plans make it possible to host an enchanting event without having to worry about the high costs associated with other options. Whether you’re a family or an individual, you can create memories that will last a lifetime, without having to sacrifice your financial well-being. 

Below we have the estimated costs of a Princess Party versus the Alternative of taking a trip. 

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Make the Perfect Birthday Party Guest list

With a Princess party at home, not only will you save the headache of planning a vacation, but your daughter will get to enjoy her friends at home. As a parent, having the budget to take one or a few of your children to Disneyland can take a while, let alone having the budget to take your children and their friends. By celebrating the Princess party at your home, your daughter gets the option of having a guest list! 

Hosting a princess party at home not only eliminates the hassle and stress of planning a trip to Disneyland but also allows your daughter to enjoy the company of her friends in the comfort of her own home. For parents, the cost of taking just one or a few children to Disneyland can be a significant financial burden, let alone taking a larger group of children and their friends. But with a princess party at home, your daughter can invite her friends and create a celebration that is both intimate and memorable. By choosing this option, you can provide your daughter with the opportunity to share her special day with her loved ones, without having to worry about the budget constraints associated with a trip to Disneyland. With Princess Parties by Natalie, you can make your daughter’s dream party a reality and create memories that will last a lifetime. 

Enjoy your Daughter have a Priceless Princess Party

Once you have invited your daughter’s favorite princess, figured out your budget, guest list, and playlist there is only one thing left to do. Sit back, relax and enjoy yourself as your daughter has the best birthday thanks to our caring princesses and amazing activities.