Step-by-Step Guide: Planning a Memorable Moana Themed Birthday Party


Throwing a birthday party for your child is always a momentous occasion. But how do you make it unforgettable? Well, nothing screams fun and exciting like a Moana themed birthday party! If you’re wondering how to throw a Moana themed birthday party, you’ve come to the right place.

1. Choose the Perfect Date and Venue

When planning a Moana-themed birthday bash, picking the perfect date and venue is the first step in your journey. Remember, Moana is a movie set in the beautiful islands of Polynesia, so you’ll want to choose a venue that can capture that tropical ambiance.

Here’s how to go about it:

  • Pick a Sunny Day: Moana is all about sunny beach vibes. Try to choose a day that’s forecasted to be warm and sunny. This will give your party that perfect tropical feel.
  • Choose a Venue: If you have a backyard, it could be the perfect venue for your party. If not, consider renting a local park or even a beach if you’re lucky enough to live near one! If outdoor isn’t an option, don’t fret. You can still bring the tropical vibes indoors with the right decorations!
  • Save the Date: Once you’ve locked in the date and venue, it’s time to let your guests know. This gives them ample time to RSVP and prepare for the island adventure that awaits them!

Remember, the key to throwing a memorable Moana themed birthday party is to capture the spirit of Moana’s home, the beautiful island of Motunui. So, have fun with it, and let your imagination sail away with you!

2. Send out Moana-themed Invitations

Now that you’ve chosen the perfect date and venue, it’s time to get the word out in true Moana style! Sending out customized Moana-themed invitations will set the tone for your party and get your guests excited for the tropical adventure that awaits them.

Try these tips:

  • Personalize It: Get creative with your invitations! Include Moana, Maui, and other beloved characters from the movie, but don’t forget to add a personal touch. You could even use phrases from the film like “The ocean is calling you to [your child’s name]’s Moana themed birthday party!”
  • Include Important Details: Make sure to include key information such as the date, time, venue, and any specific dress code or items guests should bring. It’s all about setting the scene for your guests and letting them know what to expect.
  • Send Them Out: Snail mail is a fun way to deliver your invitations, but if you’re short on time, email or digital invitations can work just as well.

Sending out Moana-themed invitations is a fun and exciting way to build anticipation for your event. It’s the first taste of the party, so make it count! You’re already well on your way to learning how to throw a Moana themed birthday party that’s sure to be the talk of the town.

3. Plan a Moana-Inspired Menu

The food you serve at a party is often one of the most memorable aspects, so let’s make it unforgettable! Planning a Moana-inspired menu will not only surprise your guests, but it also adds a unique flavor to the party that’s aligned with the tropical theme. Here’s how to do it:

  • Appetizers: Start with appetizers that scream tropical! Mini pineapple pizzas, tiki chicken skewers, or even fruit kabobs with a variety of tropical fruits like mangoes, pineapples, and kiwis.
  • Main Course: For the main course, consider food that would be popular in Moana’s Polynesian culture. Grilled chicken or fish with a side of coconut rice is a delightful option. Don’t forget a vegetarian alternative like a tropical salad!
  • Drinks: Coconut water, tropical punch, and pineapple smoothies can make refreshing beverages. And, for an added touch, serve them in coconut shells or pineapple cups!
  • Desserts: Think tropical and colorful! Fresh fruit parfaits, rainbow cupcakes, or tropical fruit popsicles would be a hit.

The perfect Moana-themed birthday party not only looks the part but tastes it too. So, when thinking about how to throw a Moana themed birthday party, a themed menu is key. With these ideas, your guests will be transported to the islands of Motunui with every bite!

4. Decorate with Tropical Flair

Now that you’ve planned a delightful Moana-inspired menu, it’s time to consider the aesthetics of your party. The decorations are a significant part of how you can throw a Moana themed birthday party. Here’s how you can bring the tropical vibes of Motunui to your venue:

  • Colors: Think tropical. Use vibrant hues of blue, green, and orange in your decor. These colors will give your party the lively, island feel that’s synonymous with Moana.
  • Centerpieces: A simple yet effective idea for centerpieces is to use pineapples! Place them on the tables and top them with tropical flowers for a stylish touch.
  • Party banners and balloons: Look for Moana-themed party banners and balloons. Mix them up with some tropical leaf-shaped ones to add to the island ambiance.
  • Table settings: For a fun twist, use banana leaves as placemats. Also, consider using shells and starfish for table decorations.
  • Lighting: Fairy lights and tiki torches can create a magical island night-time experience.

The key is to let your imagination sail! With the right tropical decorations, your guests will feel like they’ve been whisked away to Moana’s island home. Just remember, the goal is to create a vivid and inviting space that encapsulates the spirit of a Moana-themed birthday party.

5. Organize Fun-filled Moana-Themed Games

With the tropical decor in place, it’s time to keep the party momentum going. What better way to do that than with some exciting Moana-themed games? Here are a few ideas to make your party more interactive and fun:

“Find Maui’s Fishhook”: Hide images or small toy versions of Maui’s magical fishhook around the party area. The child who finds the most fishhooks is the winner!

“Pin the Heart on Te Fiti”: This is a hilarious twist on the classic “Pin the Tail on the Donkey” game. Instead of a tail, the kids will be blindfolded and asked to pin the heart on a poster of Te Fiti.

“Kakamora Coconut Toss”: Inspired by the coconut-armored pirates from the movie, this game involves tossing coconuts into buckets. You can use real coconuts or opt for brown painted balls.

“Moana Dance Off”: Get the party rocking by playing songs from the Moana soundtrack and having a dance-off!

“Pua’s Piglet Race”: For this game, you need inflatable piglets or piglet toys. Kids have to race to the finish line while balancing the piglet between their knees.

These games not only entertain the kids but also immerse them in the Moana theme, making the party a memorable experience. After all, knowing how to throw a Moana themed birthday party is all about creating an atmosphere full of laughter, adventure, and excitement, just like Moana’s journey itself!

6. Arrange for a Moana-Themed Cake

Now, what’s a birthday party without a cake? And when you’re figuring out how to throw a Moana themed birthday party, the cake needs to be just as on-theme as the rest of your event. It’s the centerpiece of your dessert table, after all!

A Moana-inspired birthday cake could feature the vibrant colors of the sea, the sandy beaches, or the lush tropical landscapes from the movie. You might opt for a multi-tiered cake with each layer representing different elements from the movie. Perhaps a blue ombre layer for the ocean, a sandy brown layer for the beach, and a green layer for the tropical forests.

You could also choose to have Moana, Maui, or even Pua and Hei Hei as cake toppers. Another creative idea is to go for cupcakes with edible images of Moana movie characters. They are not only cute but also convenient for serving.

And remember, the flavor of the cake is just as crucial! From tropical fruits like pineapple and mango to coconut and vanilla, choose a flavor that will transport your little guests straight to Moana’s Polynesian paradise.

Getting the cake right is a deliciously important step in making sure your Moana-themed birthday party is unforgettable. So make sure to plan ahead and get a cake that truly represents the spirit of Moana’s adventurous journey!

7. Plan for Moana-Themed Party Favors

Next up on our checklist on how to throw a Moana themed birthday party: party favors! A party isn’t quite complete without a little something for the guests to take home and remember the fantastic time they had.

In the spirit of Moana, why not opt for party favors that encapsulate the fun, adventure, and tropical vibes of the movie? From mini ukuleles, seashell necklaces, to tropical flower crowns, the options are as vast as the ocean that Moana sails.

For the little ones, consider small Moana-themed toys or figurines. You could also include activity books or coloring sets featuring their favorite characters from the film.

For a more practical favor, how about Moana-themed water bottles or lunch boxes? They’re not only useful but also serve as a fun reminder of the fantastic Moana party!

Lastly, don’t forget to pack these items in a themed bag or box. It could be a simple bag with Moana stickers or a custom-designed Moana tote.

Remember, the goal of party favors is to extend the magic of the Moana-themed birthday party just a bit longer for your guests. So, select favors that will bring a smile to their faces and keep the memory of the party alive!

8. Set up a Moana-Themed Photo Booth

Moving on to the next significant step on your how to throw a Moana themed birthday party guide: setting up a photo booth. A photo booth is not just a fun party attraction; it’s a fantastic way to capture the memories of the day!

Imagine your guests posing in front of a backdrop that looks like they’ve just set foot on the sandy beaches of Motunui, Moana’s home island. Use props like inflatable palm trees, tropical flowers, or even a cardboard cutout of Moana herself for that extra touch of authenticity.

Encourage your guests to dress up with Hawaiian leis, grass skirts, and tribal face paint available at the booth. You could even include some Moana-themed props such as a toy oar, a Maui fishhook, or a Heart of Te Fiti necklace.

Consider hiring a professional photographer to ensure you capture all the fun and laughter. However, setting up a camera on a tripod with a remote will do the trick if you’re on a budget.

Remember, a photo booth not only adds to the excitement of the party but also creates lasting memories. So, when you’re planning how to throw a Moana themed birthday party, don’t skip this exciting feature!

9. Dress the Birthday Child in Moana-Inspired Attire

Alright, now that you’ve got the photo booth set up, it’s time to discuss the star of the show—the birthday child! In the spirit of your Moana themed birthday party, let’s talk about dressing up the birthday child in a Moana-inspired outfit.

If your birthday child is a fan of Moana herself, a Moana costume is a great choice. It typically includes a printed top and a skirt, resembling the attire Moana wears in the movie. Don’t forget the Heart of Te Fiti necklace for the finishing touch!

However, if they’re more of a Maui fan, a Maui costume would be perfect. This can be as simple as a tropical print shirt, shorts, and an optional (but fun) temporary tribal tattoo set. Remember, Maui’s fishhook is his signature accessory, so include a toy version if you can.

Including this element of dress-up will make your child feel special and truly part of the Moana world on their big day. Just another tip on how to throw a Moana themed birthday party that’s unforgettable!

Also consider inviting a Moana character impersonator to your party. We have great deals on characters for you if you’re in the Utah area.

10. Wrap up with a Memorable Thank You Note

As the sun sets on your Moana-themed birthday party, there’s one last detail to wrap up—a memorable thank you note. It’s the perfect way to show your appreciation for the guests who made the party a success, and it leaves them with a lasting impression.

Consider crafting a Moana-themed thank you note. You could use tropical colors, shells, or even a cute drawing of Pua and Hei Hei. More importantly, dedicate some time to write a heartfelt message for each guest. You could mention how their presence made the party more enjoyable or how much the birthday child loved their gift.

Sending out these thank you notes not only wraps up your party on a high note, but it also provides a sweet souvenir from your Moana-themed celebration. Just another piece of the puzzle on how to throw a Moana themed birthday party that leaves everyone with a smile on their face and a heart full of memories.