Step-by-Step Guide: How to Throw a Memorable Merida Themed Birthday Party


Planning a birthday party for your child can sometimes feel like a daunting task—especially when they have a favorite character they’re crazy about. This time, it’s Merida from Disney’s Brave. So, how do you throw a Merida themed birthday party that’s truly memorable? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Follow this step-by-step guide and your child’s birthday will be the talk of the town.

1. Choose the perfect date and venue

The first step in your quest to throw a Merida themed birthday party is to pick the perfect date and venue.

  • Consider a weekend: Weekends are typically best since most of your kid’s friends won’t have school. Also, parents would appreciate the convenience.
  • Pick a venue with outdoor space: Merida is a free-spirited Scottish princess who loves archery and horse riding. A venue with plenty of outdoor space will give you the flexibility to plan Merida-inspired games and activities.
  • Check the weather: Since Merida’s story takes place in the Scottish Highlands, you might want to check the weather forecast. If there’s a chance of rain, make sure you have a back-up plan.

Remember, the goal is to create an environment that brings the spirit of Merida’s adventure to life.

2. Send out Merida-themed invitations

Next up on our journey is to spread the word about your child’s upcoming Merida-themed birthday bash. An exciting invitation can set the tone for a magical event and get the little guests excited about what’s to come. And let’s be honest—who doesn’t love getting a themed invitation in the mail?

  • Design: Incorporate Merida’s iconic elements into the design—her fiery red hair, her brilliant blue dress, or her trusty bow and arrows. You can even take it a step further and make it look like a royal decree from the Scottish Highlands!
  • Wording: Make the invitation feel like it’s straight out of the movie. Use phrases like “Join us for a brave adventure!” or “A royal celebration awaits!”
  • RSVP: Don’t forget to ask for an RSVP. Knowing how many kids to expect can help you plan the rest of the party more efficiently.

Sending out Merida-themed invites is sure to build anticipation and get everyone ready for a day of fun and adventure. It’s another key part of how to throw a Merida themed birthday party that’s a roaring success.

3. Plan a Menu Fit for Scottish Scottish Royalty

Food is always a crucial aspect of any party. In our quest on how to throw a Merida themed birthday party, we mustn’t overlook the power of a mouth-watering menu. Now, we are not saying you have to whip up a traditional Scottish feast (unless you want to, of course), but a few touches here and there can take your party to the next level.

  • Main Course: How about some mini ‘Brave’ burgers or ‘Merida’s Mac n Cheese’? Kids love finger food, and these are easy to eat while they’re busy with all the fun activities.
  • Snacks: For snacks, think ‘Highlands Trail Mix’ or ‘Scottish Shortbread Cookies’. They’re not only thematic but also a hit with the little ones.
  • Drinks: A fun idea for drinks could be ‘Brave Blue Lemonade’ or ‘Merida’s Magic Potion’—just some creative names for your regular party beverages.
  • Dessert: We’ll get to the main dessert (the cake) later, but one can never have too many sweets at a kids’ party. Some ‘Scottish Caramel Toffees’ or ‘Merida’s Magic Cupcakes’ could be a great addition.

Remember, it’s not just about the taste—it’s about how you present it. Get creative with the names, and add a little Merida magic to every dish. With a spread like this, you’re well on your way to throwing a Merida themed birthday party that’s truly unforgettable.

4. Decorate with a Scottish Highlands Flair

Let’s shift gears and dive into the world of décor. If you’re wondering how to give the birthday bash an authentic Merida feel, think Scottish Highlands. Imagine the picturesque landscapes, ancient stone castles, and lush green forests that define Merida’s home. Let’s bring a piece of that beautiful scenery into your party venue.

Start by setting the tone with the color palette. Merida’s vibrant red hair and emerald green dress inspire a dynamic combination of greens and blues, punctuated by pops of fiery red. Incorporate these colors in everything from tablecloths to balloons and banners.

Don’t shy away from plaid patterns as well. After all, what’s more Scottish than tartan? Tartan table runners or banners can add an instant Highlands touch to your party.

Next, bring the wilderness inside with nature-inspired accents. Pine cones, faux antlers, or even simple green foliage can make a big difference. Consider creating a DIY backdrop with trees and castle silhouettes for a dash of drama.

Lastly, tie it all together with some Merida-themed party supplies. Plates, cups, and napkins featuring Merida and her triplet brothers will definitely get the kids excited.

There you have it—a party space that’s a mini Scottish Highlands!

5. Organize Merida-Inspired Games and Activities

Now that you’ve set the stage, it’s time to fill it with fun and games. The key to a memorable Merida-themed birthday party is to keep the guests entertained and engaged. So, how to throw a Merida themed birthday party that’s as adventurous as Merida herself? It all comes down to the activities.

Merida is known for her archery skills, so why not set up a safe, kid-friendly archery competition? You can use inflatable bow and arrow sets, and turn it into a friendly competition. Who can hit the bulls-eye first?

Next, let’s channel Merida’s triplet brothers with a “Bear Cub Scavenger Hunt”. Hide small bear figurines or bear stickers around the party area and have the kids hunt for them. It’s a simple activity that’s sure to keep them busy and entertained.

We can’t forget about Merida’s love for stories and riddles. Organize a “Merida’s Riddles” session where you can challenge the kids with brain teasers and riddles. The one who solves the most riddles gets a special prize!

And for some creative downtime, a “Design Your Own Family Crest” station stocked with markers, glitter, and stickers can give the kids a chance to create their own masterpiece.

With these activities, your little guests will feel like they’re part of Merida’s adventurous world.

6. Select a Merida Costume for the Birthday Child

Stepping into the shoes of a character is a magical experience for any child, and when we’re discussing how to throw a Merida themed birthday party, it becomes crucial to pick out the perfect Merida costume for the birthday child. After all, what’s a Merida party without a little dress-up?

Start by looking for a Merida dress. You’ll want something that captures her spirit—think emerald green and lots of flowing fabric. Look for a dress that’s comfortable enough for your child to run around in, but still has that royal touch. Remember, the aim is to make the birthday child feel special and at the center of the action.

Next, consider accessorizing with a Merida wig. Merida’s fiery red curls are her trademark, and wearing a wig can enhance the birthday child’s transformation into the character. Alternatively, you can style your child’s hair in loose curls and secure it with a tiara for that regal touch.

Lastly, don’t forget the toy bow and arrow set. It’s Merida’s signature accessory and it serves as a fun prop for the day. Just be sure to opt for a kid-friendly version to keep everyone safe while still having fun.

Dressing up as Merida will make your child feel like the star of their birthday party, giving them an unforgettable experience.

7. Create a Merida-themed Birthday Cake

A birthday party is never complete without a cake, and in our quest on how to throw a Merida themed birthday party, it’s the cake that takes center stage. Now, you don’t have to be a professional baker to create a Merida-themed birthday cake. Here’s a simple idea to get you started.

Begin with a basic round cake, which you can bake yourself or order from your favorite local bakery. Choose a flavor that the birthday child loves, because, let’s face it, the taste matters as much as the decoration!

The icing on the cake (literally) is where the magic happens. Opt for a deep green icing, mirroring Merida’s iconic dress. A smooth, fondant icing will give you a great canvas to work on, but buttercream works just as well and tastes delicious too!

Next up, it’s time to create the scene from Merida’s enchanting world. You could consider edible decorations like a fondant bow and arrow, or perhaps a bear-shaped cookie to represent her family’s transformation. If you’re not feeling crafty, a simple Merida cake topper will do the trick.

Finally, add some sparkling gold accents to your cake. Sprinkle some gold edible glitter or use gold icing to pipe the birthday child’s name. This not only adds a touch of elegance but also ties in with the magical, royal theme of the party.

Creating a Merida-themed birthday cake can be a fun and rewarding experience. It’s a delightful way for you to contribute to making your child’s birthday unforgettable.

8. Prepare Party Favors with a Touch of Magic

When it comes to figuring out how to throw a Merida themed birthday party, the devil is in the details. And one detail you don’t want to overlook is the party favors. Good party favors are not only a token of appreciation for your guests, but they also serve as a magical reminder of the time spent celebrating in the Scottish Highlands.

Let’s start with the bags. Dark green velvet pouches are a perfect choice for a Merida-themed party. They’re not only in sync with our theme, but they also add a touch of luxury. You can find these pouches at most party supply stores or online.

Next, consider what to put inside these pouches. How about some Merida-themed items like miniature bow and arrow sets or bear-shaped keychains? These will certainly remind your guests of Merida’s brave spirit and the fun they had at the party.

Don’t forget the sweets! Scottish fudge or toffees can be a great addition to your party favors, giving your guests a taste of Scotland to take home with them. Wrap them in gold foil for that royal touch.

Last but certainly not least, include a personalized thank-you note in each bag. It could be as simple as “Thanks for making my day magical! Love, [birthday child’s name].” Trust me, it’s these little personal touches that make a big difference.

By preparing party favors with a touch of magic, you’re ensuring that the spirit of your Merida-themed birthday party lives on even after the day is over. You’re one step closer to throwing the perfect party!

9. Capture the Day with a Photo Booth

Now that you’ve sorted the party favors, let’s talk about how to capture all the fun and excitement of your Merida-themed birthday party. And nothing does it better than a photo booth!

Setting up a photo booth is easier than you might think. You can create a stunning backdrop with tartan fabric and some Scottish Highlands props like faux stone walls, archery targets, and cardboard cutouts of Merida and her family. Don’t forget to include some fun props for the guests to use, such as Merida wigs, toy bows and arrows, and bear masks. The more options, the more fun it will be!

Having a photo booth not only adds an element of fun but it also allows everyone to capture their own personal memory of your Merida-themed party. Plus, these photos make for a great keepsake to remember the day.

Just imagine the laughter and joy as your guests strike a pose as Merida, her triplet brothers, or even the mighty Mor’du! And the best part? This is a fun and engaging way to capture the essence of your party.

So, ready to bring your Merida-themed birthday party to life with a photo booth? I can already see the awesome photos that are going to come out of it!

10. Thank Guests with Personalized Notes

After the last piece of cake has been eaten and the final game of “pin the tail on Angus” (Merida’s horse, remember?) has been played, it’s time to wrap up your Merida-themed birthday party. But wait, there’s one last important step to take – thanking your guests for being a part of the special day.

Personalized thank you notes are a fantastic way to wrap up the event. It’s a small gesture, but it goes a long way in expressing your gratitude and making your guests feel appreciated. You can use Merida-themed stationery or even create your own design with Merida, her family, and some elements from the Scottish Highlands.

In each note, mention something specific about the guest’s presence at the party. Did they win a game? Did they bring a thoughtful gift? Or simply their rockin performance at the photo booth? Mention it! It’s these little details that make the thank you note truly personalized and memorable.

Remember, the key to knowing how to throw a Merida themed birthday party is not just about the decorations, food or games. It’s about creating a memorable experience for your guests. And these personalized thank you notes are the perfect cherry on top of an amazing party.

So, that’s it, folks! You’re now fully equipped to throw a Merida-themed birthday party that will be remembered for years to come. And most importantly, you’ve created a magical day for your little one. Happy planning!