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45 Minute Party

  • Coronation Ceremony
  • Singing game or Hero game & Ring game
  • Interactive story
  • Pose for pictures
  • Autographs
  • Phone call before the party
  • Princess/Hero Training
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Princess/Hero Arrival Time
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Princess/Hero Phone Call
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Frequently Asked Questions

A mileage charge of up to $20 is charged for our parties, calculated by the distance the character will travel to your party location.

The cost of a party is split in two parts: a deposit (non-refundable and paid when you reserve your date), and the character fee plus the mileage fee (paid to the character on the day of the party). The initial deposit can be paid via Venmo, credit card, or money order. Your character can accept cash or Venmo.

Our characters are trained professionals who will do their best to provide a memorable party for you. If you feel your character did a great job, you are welcome to tip. Tipping is not required, but is definitely appreciated.

Once a character is reserved, if an unforeseen emergency should arise, we will change your date one time. If you do not wish to reschedule your party, you will lose your deposit.

We will reschedule your party if the roads are unsafe for travel on the day of your event with no charge.

No, if you have specific activities you would like the character to do, feel free to let us know! All of our parties are moldable and we are open to rearranging how the time is spent!